Get KMRU “Peel” on Editions Mego

In addition to an upcoming release on Dagoretti Records, Kenyan ambient sound artist and producer has a wonderful work on Editions Mego that we would like to point you to. We are as excited about his release on editions as we are about the one on our own.

“Peel is KMRU’s first release for Editions Mego. exquisite mix of field recordings and electronics unravelling at a repetitive and leisurely pace to expose a rich tapestry of sound that has been revered for it’s ability to cross borders with the sheer undertow of emotional content. The subtle calming atmosphere within Peel belies the compositional prowess as layers of delicate sounds wrap around each other creating a hybrid new form ambient musics both captivating through it’s textural depth and kaleidoscopic patterns. The track titles lend themselves to the themes and mood set within: Why are you here, Well, Solace, Klang, Insubstantial and the title track. This is a deep heartfelt journey with a new strong voice being expressed through the means of organically presented electronic ambient sounds, one which reveals further layers on repeat listens.”

Dr. Pete Larson on WCBN talking about music in the time of Covid-19

Dr. Pete Larson, in addition to playing music and releasing records, also an epidemiolgist. Recently, WCBN-FM Ann Arbor called him up to ask him questions about Covid-19, the state of the service industry and the present and future of music in the time of the great pandemic.

Check it out.

Dr. Pete Larson and his Cytotoxic Nyatiti Band reviewed on the Ominous Drone

Dr. Pete Larson and his Cytotoxic Nyatiti Band just got a positive review on the Ominous Drone Blog. Thank you! Go check out some of their other reviews of psych, drone and post rock music. Great music blog.

“What a pleasant surprise this one was to find. I’m not even sure how I stumbled upon this. A completely weird vibe going on here from the funky beats to the use of the nyatiti which is a banjo sounding plucked lute. A danceable art-psych, folk hybrid. it’s somewhat hard to describe what’s going on here with the tribal rhythms and vocals and instrumentation layered with fuzzed-out guitars. Head over to Bandcamp and get this if you like as there are only a handful of copies left on the Dagoretti page.”

KMRU “opaquer” pre-orders are open now

“opaquer” is the first vinyl full length release from Kenyan sound artist and producer KMRU (Joseph Kamaru). KMRU has been active on digital platforms for the past 4 years and has developed a significant music catalogue. KMRU knits sounds from his own Nairobi into expansive and cerebral ambient compositions.

In addition to his prolific output on his Bandcamp page, KMRU has released music on Byrd Out (UK) and was featured on Deadmau5’s label Mau5trap for a track on their ‘We Are Friends’ compilation. KMRU was selected as one of Resident Advisor’s 15 East African artists you need to hear from 2018. KMRU’s sounds combine everything from gritty, indigenous field recordings to piano to 303.

Dagoretti Records is proud to present “opaquer” to the world. African electronic music is among the most progressive music in the world right now and KMRU is at the forefront of this exciting aural movement. Limited edition.

Joseph Kamaru (KMRU), is a sound artist, and producer based in Nairobi. He is notable for making intelligent atmospheric and emotionally experimental music, giving a personal touch using everything from gritty indigenous sounds to field recordings and synthesis to create intricate sonic soundscapes.

KMRU is also a DJ, and his mixes share a similar philosophy, where the music often has an elegiac quality of sounds, Foleys and field recordings, sometimes accompanied with a pulsing slice of atmospheric techno suggesting a more cinematic approach. KMRU performs frequently at clubs around Nairobi, has been a regular at the Nyegenyege Bayimba Festivals in Uganda.

Pre-order it here:

Heart of the Ghost with Dave Ballou “Live at Rhizome” LP pre-orders open NOW

First, is the long overdue second LP from Heart of the Ghost, this time featuring D.C. trumpeter Dave Ballou joining them for a unique set at Rhizome, a home for improvisational and experimental music in Washington, D.C.

Recorded by mixed and mastered by Don Godwin, this one is a burner not to be missed. Art by Tatev Sargsyan.

Pre-orders are open NOW.

Liner notes from Ken Vandermark:

When I first listened to the new album by Heart of the Ghost, with Dave Ballou as a guest, I quickly thought of the Kerry James Marshall exhibition, Mastry, which was shown at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago from April to September of 2016.  In particular I considered certain ideas Marshall stated in a short introductory film that was shown at the entrance to the show, which are pertinent here:

 “If you look at the historical narrative of art, we do have to contend with this idea of the quote-unquote Old Masters.”

The discrepancy between what I could do and what those pictures seemed to represent was vast.  So I wanted to figure out how to close the gap between what I was doing and what they had done.  And I felt that the only way I could really do that was to know what they knew.

And if we go back to why this idea of mastery is important, it’s precisely because if you want to get in the game you’ve got to play it at the level that the people who are playing it at the highest level are playing it at.  And the only way you can do that, really, is to know what they know, be able to do what they do, and then figure out how to put all of those things together and synthesize them in such a way that you can project your ideal into the world so that it has an equal chance of assuming the preferred position as any of the other things that were already out there. That’s how you do it.”

My first encounter with Heart of the Ghost, which includes Jarrett Gilgore on alto, Luke Stewart on double bass, and Ian McColm on drums, was at a concert Luke organized on February 4th, 2018, called “The anti-Super Bowl,” and held at Rhizome in Washington D.C.  The show included my group Marker among a number of other performers, we were out on tour in the States at the time.  Luke, Jarrett and Ian did something remarkable that night, and every time I’ve been able to listen to them.  Though they use materials innovated by Old Masters from the history of jazz and improvised music, they have been able to find a way to close the gap, synthesizing them in such a way that they project their own musical ideal into the world.

On this new recording, “Live at Rhizome,” they do something else remarkable- they’ve added a guest on trumpet, Dave Ballou, incorporating his playing into the mix without losing their DNA as a band.  Often the most direct interplay happens on two parallel levels, between the horns and between the bass and drums.  These dialogs will intersect at key moments, revealing the nature of the quartet that is taking place as a deeply focused and thorough listening partnership.  The mastery here is not old, and it is rigorous.  As improvisers and instrumentalists, each musician displays real character and voice that display a personal synthesis of history.  As Kerry James Marshall says, “That’s how you do it.”

-Ken Vandermark, Chicago, May 10, 2020