Get KMRU “Peel” on Editions Mego

In addition to an upcoming release on Dagoretti Records, Kenyan ambient sound artist and producer has a wonderful work on Editions Mego that we would like to point you to. We are as excited about his release on editions as we are about the one on our own. “Peel is KMRU’s first release for EditionsContinue reading “Get KMRU “Peel” on Editions Mego”

KMRU “opaquer” pre-orders are open now

“opaquer” is the first vinyl full length release from Kenyan sound artist and producer KMRU (Joseph Kamaru). KMRU has been active on digital platforms for the past 4 years and has developed a significant music catalogue. KMRU knits sounds from his own Nairobi into expansive and cerebral ambient compositions. In addition to his prolific outputContinue reading “KMRU “opaquer” pre-orders are open now”

Heart of the Ghost with Dave Ballou “Live at Rhizome” LP pre-orders open NOW

First, is the long overdue second LP from Heart of the Ghost, this time featuring D.C. trumpeter Dave Ballou joining them for a unique set at Rhizome, a home for improvisational and experimental music in Washington, D.C. Recorded by mixed and mastered by Don Godwin, this one is a burner not to be missed. ArtContinue reading “Heart of the Ghost with Dave Ballou “Live at Rhizome” LP pre-orders open NOW”